Setting Up Team Expectations

The process for clarifying team expectations.

As a dedicated servant leader for your team, there may be times that you need to sought alignment so you can set expectations. This blog articles explores a way to do this.
It's up to you as leader to chart the course!
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How to set expectations

When your team is working with you, as the servant leader, here are some considerations you may need to cover during your interactions.

Interactions with you

As a servant leader, scrum master or team leader, ask yourself the following when working with your team. Get a pen and have a think, and write down answers to the following, in your own mind.
  1. How to work with me
  2. What is expected?
  3. What are the behaviour norms?
From these notes you can start to plan and prepare work with your team. This will be your next steps, and will allow you to start planning the way you work with your team.

Interactions with the team

  1. Establish norms and define ways of working.
    • This can be conducted in an open team meeting, or white board session.
  2. Document your team norms into a team charter.
  3. Get that team charter up on a wall so everyone can see what they have agreed on in ways of working.
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Completion of work deliverables

Finally, when you actually have to work with your team on deliverables. Consider the following points as part of your ever-evolving development and maturity as a team.
  1. Set expectations of key milestones and deliverables as a team. If you get buy in from your day, then they will be more likely to be part of the journey and deliver value each step of the way.
  2. Set expectations on final deliverable, this is the last piece of the puzzle and must be the most important. Involve your team in the planning and they will more likely own it to the end.
  3. Don’t get involve in details, in the spirit of self-governance your team should always be accountable on the work they will agree to do.
  4. How will you check in on progress? Whatever it is, do it as a team and make sure it is transparent, easy to read, realistic and aligned with reality.
Until next time, keep it agile!