Agile is Predictable in a Good Way

Predictability is a strength of agile that makes it appealing for businesses.

Why is predictability in projects a good thing?

Executives love predictability. It is good for forecasting and planning. With agile, it's the simple promise of delivering working software each and end of every sprint that is so powerful for businesses.
Assurance is key for business growth. As I have mentioned before, growth is an agile mindset.
Photo by Leonardo Sanches on Unsplash

How does agile enhance predictability?

Agile will always deliver something at end of the sprint. Whether in a general agile framework delivering a 'working increment', or in a sprint in scrum as a "'potentially shippable product" at the end of each sprint —it provides an assurance of repeatable increments of done.
With the promise of getting something delivered piece by piece overtime — creates predictable, consistent certainty. Executives love these terms. It is good for the bottom line!

Agile provides control, and empowers teams and business

Agile allows finer control over what is delivered, when, and to what scope. Constant planning means that priorities can be re-evaluated at any time, scope adjusted as needed, and budgets and timelines managed. A win-win.

Delivers value faster

Agile favours the delivery of value constantly. Every one or two weeks for example, the sprint team delivers working features that are in a deployable state. This means that, should a project be interrupted for any reason, the project has delivered tangible, usable value for the money and time invested.

Assurance of knowing where you are going

 With the ability to respond and adapt quickly if there is a change in priority. Agile is adaptable and not too predictive to stifle creativity. But predictable enough that you can build up a small repeatable time boxed processes that can be scheduled throughout the project.

Providing chances to inspect and adapt along the way. You are and to build and deliver value incrementally — like lego building blocks.
Predictability is an underestimated superpower that agile embraces.