The Beauty of the Agile Framework

And why it is so awesome!

What is the Agile framework?

Agile is a dynamic and light-weight framework that helps software teams create and develop products quickly through self-organising and cross-functional teams.

Some of these teams are called ‘Scrum teams’ as they work so closely together in a cross-functional and collaborative way, much like a rugby scrum – hence the term: Scrum. 

Agile advocates many techniques to ensure successful outcomes through iterative delivery and a continuous improvement approach. 

Seriously... why is agile awesome?

Becoming agile is a mindset that will change your work life for the better. Things like tracking and visibility of the project improve because as the team is building the project, there are opportunities to inspect, adapt and reflect on the project regularly. Having these time-boxed opportunities enables the team to respond to change quickly in an ‘Agile’ way.
Being Agile allows you to respond quickly to change!


Risk is reduced when using the agile framework because you have the opportunity to inspect, adapt and continuously improve — all the while getting feedback early -- which reduces risk to a manageable state. 

Customers do prefer agile because they get the opportunity to provide feedback early, so the development team can take feedback on board and adapt accordingly.

Photo by Martin W. Kirst on Unsplash

How do you become agile?

Agile practitioners believe that instead of using the traditional phases that waterfalls use (Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing), they do continuous activities instead. These activities are typically time-boxed events that include daily stand-ups, sprint planning, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives. 
By doing these time-boxed activities continuously, quality improves because testing is incorporated into the activities from the beginning. 
Being in a cross-functional team allows testers and developers to work alongside each other. Enabling them to work together and not apart.

Who should consider being agile?

You! And all customers, employees and digital product workers.. 
If you do not become agile, there is certainty that your competitors have already.

Tips on staying agile

  1. Always ensure you are in touch with your customers and responsive to their needs.
  2. Ensure that your development team and stakeholders have well defined team milestones and work plans. Make sure these are not orders coming from executives — otherwise it is not Agile! 
  3. Your team and their relationship with all those around them is highly collaborative.
  4. You and your team are continually delivering output that is actually usable. For instance, the product delivers value from the onset.
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