Prioritizing Requirements with MoSCOW

The Agile MoSCoW method. No not the city! But the unique and cool way you can prioritize requirements apart from sequencing, ordering or weighting.
Also known as the MoSCoW method or MoSCoW analysis.
What is MoSCOW? Simply put, it is a method used in a project to help stakeholders define value by conveying a simple approach to understand the significance of a number of initiatives linked to a project or release. The acronym is broken down into four categories.
1. Must haves These are non-negotiable product needs that are mandatory for the team. For example, the requirements such as customer ability to make secure payments.
2. Should haves These are important initiatives that are not vital, but add significant value. For example, it could be used temporarily until a permanent solution has been met.
3. Could haves These are nice to have initiatives that will have a small impact if left out. Could Haves are also considered Currency used to trade off new requirements as they come to ari…

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